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"Hackie" is an old-fashioned word for taxi driver, and Jernigan Pontiac is an old-fashioned taxi driver. Every cabdriver has good stories, and many are capable of spinning a great tale. Jernigan picks up the pen to tell his stories.

Hackie stories appear fortnightly in Seven Days - - the alternative newsweekly in Burlington, Vermont.

Video Interview of Jernigan
from January 2007

This is a Jernigan reading the Hackie story, "Elegy For Frenchie," recorded at the Montpelier recording studio of the wonderful Jody Petersen.

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The two Hackie books, Hackie: Cab Driving and Life and Hackie 2: Perfect Autumn, each offer over 50 of Jernigan’s best stories arranged thematically by chapter. Both books are available in bookstores throughout Vermont. You can also purchase Hackie 2 on-line - right here, right now!

Also on this web site, you can take in the classic-Hackie-of-the-month, read about the history of the column, or check out the nifty FAQ’s!

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